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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Jul 22, 2019

Donna Martini is a writer, activist, wellness coach and part of the Fab 14. One of the strongest and most inspirational women I know, Donna has shown courage when embracing her childhood and marital betrayals and has been able to stop attracting negativity through a plethora of modalities. 

Today Donna is here to share her struggle and how she was able to turn her pain into triumph and transformation. Learn how to positively manipulate your mindset, energy of the heart and soul voice, why you should choose to love unconditionally to help you get through your anger and resentment, ways to surrender to something more powerful than your betrayal, and much more.

Donna is living proof that on the other side of healing, you will discover the strongest, wisest and most empowered version of you. When you make the decision to go forward after betrayal you can set goals, gain self-esteem and trust in the messages and motivation you are receiving. 

Are you ready to stop attracting the victim mentality and train your brain and body to hear your soul's voice? Share what steps you are taking in the comments on the episode page


In This Episode

  • Tapping into your soul's voice and learning to follow your own intuition
  • How to feng shui the crap out of your life and create a positive influence
  • Ways to stop attracting negativity by ditching your victim mentality 
  • Specific mantras to use after betrayal to help you restore, heal and lift
  • Physical processes that can help you release your betrayal instead of meditation



“I am happy not to remember everything because it is sometimes painful to go back there. But now I can go back and laugh about it and realize that I was physically changing to survive.” (7:22)

“You just need to willingness, and once you create the willingness and want to follow it, I call it the soul guidance, you lift out of whatever it is you are going through.” (10:22)

“We put on this armor, but I realized our biggest gift is really carrying a shield of love.” (15:57)

“I knew I had to cover betrayal, and it wasn’t easy for me to go there, it didn't come naturally out. Because it's just not something I go back to. I don't think I am blocking it, I think it's just that I feel so healed about it I don't think about it anymore.” (31:32)



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