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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Aug 12, 2019

A licensed marriage, family and sex addiction therapist, Mari Lee understands the differences between sex addiction and other forms of addiction such as drugs and alcohol. The founder of Growth Counselling Services and the Shine Women’s Retreat in Laguna Beach, CA, Mari is an expert on helping sex addicts, and their betrayed partners, find clarity and understanding. 

This type of trauma can leave many physical, mental and emotional symptoms in its wake, and through the help of professional like Mari you can discover if healing is possible in your relationship. Mari is here to help you rebuild your self-esteem from feelings of rejection and abandonment and help you manage and heal from your betrayal trauma. 

Today we dive into the bio-psycho assessment process, sexual dependency inventories and formal disclosure processes so that you can be equipped with the necessary knowledge to take the first steps to recover. When dealing with a sex addict it takes wisdom and insight to figure out how to heal, and Mari is here to help you gain that knowledge. 

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In This Episode

  • Learn how sex addiction differs from alcohol or drug addiction 
  • A look into the assessment and treatment process for individuals and couples
  • The common denominator between betrayed partners of sexual addiction 
  • Understanding what self-care means to different people based on your history 
  • Exploring the role your faith plays in your relationship and values



“When we talk about my specialization, which is working with sex addicts and their betrayed partners, we're talking about a different level of trauma because a bottle of vodka, for example, doesn't have a penis or breasts or a vagina.” (5:23)

“All of this information, these messages that we hear that have so much mistruth to them, we really do need to challenge them and show up for ourself.” (17:12)

“It is very likely that they can heal as long as both people are willing to do the work.” (21:59)

“This is truly a labor of love to help women get their feet back on the ground.” (31:43)



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