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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Aug 19, 2019

After a betrayal, it takes a willingness from both parties and the ability to hold space for one another's pain in order to move forward. Anna Osborn is an LMFT, founder of Life Unscripted Counselling and co-creator of Shine Retreat for Women. Anna works to help couples find safety and healing while navigating the tricky waters of rebuilding a relationship after betrayal.

You owe it to yourself to bring your best and healthiest self into the next chapter of your life, with or without your relationship with another. It takes some hard work to find consistency between your words and your actions, but with some effort, you can find peace within the ‘what-ifs’ and actually do the work necessary to heal. 

Being able to triage the huge intense wound of a betrayal is possible when you are able to remember what it was like before and rebuild trust after grieving the loss of that chapter in your relationship. If you want to improve your communication, deepen intimacy, heal from betrayal or change your negative patterns of disconnection, Anna is the expert for you. 

Have you been betrayed and are considering rebuilding a life with the person that hurt you? Let us know what you gained most from Anna’s insight in the comments on the episode page


In This Episode

  • Signs to learn if your partner is truly being present in your healing journey 
  • How to gain the emotional understanding of what it means to really hear somebody 
  • Creating body awareness and the ability to give a voice to your physical sensations
  • Suggestions for both the betrayed partner and the betrayer to move on without shame
  • Learn ways that you can build or rebuild trust in your relationship and yourself



“Although the choices that the betraying partner made are devastating and unfair and all those sorts of things, life is multi-layered.” (7:45)

“There's a way that the relationship has been breaking down, that has lead to greater vulnerabilities, to where the betraying partner made this choice.” (10:59)

“I really believe that when it comes to this type of work its really about supporting and helping people on the path, to be able to lay something down, because it's simply too heavy to be able to carry into the future and the relationship that they deserve.” (15:21)

“Part of the healing process is to create enough stillness around to know what you need healing to look like. And that is a day by day journey.” (27:36)



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