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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Aug 26, 2019

You may not know it, but you are somewhere on the emotional eating spectrum. Your ability to dial your eating back is what determines your likeliness to eat again, which is something Tricia Nelson knows all too well. 

The world’s top leading emotional eating expert is here with us today to give us all the knowledge necessary to combat your emotional eating from the root. Tricia has worked for over three decades to understand the hidden causes of the addictive personality. Tricia has identified 24 different personality types that make up the emotional eater, created ways to combat it for good, and is sharing this crucial information with you today.

If you want different results when it comes to your weight and are looking to move beyond where you are now and find happiness, you need to address your emotions and their connection to food. Emotional eating is something you cannot overcome on your own, and Tricia is here to provide support and a proven system to help you overcome your emotional eating and get you through to the other side faster and more successfully. 

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In This Episode

  • The difference between emotional eating and being a food addict 
  • How saying no to things can build your self-esteem and confidence 
  • Ways you can become aware and tap into the emotions behind food 
  • The most common personality characteristics that make us eat emotionally 
  • Understanding the direct link between how you are feeling and what you are eating



“It wasn't until I started to address the emotional eating that I was really able to lose the weight and keep it off.” (3:22)

“Those times when we are really eating so much, the sense of shame and guilt that comes with that, it's so detrimental to our overall self-esteem and our relationships. There's like a barrier between us. Not just a barrier of fat but a barrier of guilt and shame between us and other people.” (8:45)

“Just somebody listening to this, it is going to heighten their awareness. Somebody who hears this is never going to be quite as in denial in before, and it is hopefully going to start the pattern of healing by just recognizing ‘wow there is more to it than I just like chocolate.’” (13:08)

“It's okay to be a deep feeler, it's a beautiful thing if you know how to process your emotions and have a healthy way of dealing with emotions so that you are not overloaded so that you are not absorbing the pain of the world and using food as support.” (21:42)

“The key is getting off of the diet mentality. Stop trying to lose weight and start addressing emotional eating.” (24:08)



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