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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Nov 25, 2019

Antesa Jensen is an American living in Copenhagen who overcame her broken childhood and relationship with her mother to learn how to trust again after betrayal. Despite being told she was ‘disgusting and needed to be cleaned’ as a child and undergoing multiple medical procedures which felt like an invasion of trust, Antesa has worked to heal her relationship with herself and find validity in her experiences. Now Antesa works with coaches and clients to evoke real-time transformation and guide powerhouse trailblazers to trust and believe in themselves to find the life of their dreams. 

This episode takes you on a journey through the ‘dark night of the soul’ to understanding your own power to choose how to trust and make different choices. In the end, you may be victimized, but you do not have to feel like a victim. It is only by understanding that your truth is about you and making sense and meaning out of your experiences that you can find true healing.

Antesa believes that the only way out is through, and is here today to inspire you to gain a willingness to feel all of your painful emotions and navigate your path to your true self-expression. Instead of numbing, avoiding or distracting, Antesa is proof of the power of facing your fears head-on to heal it once and for all. 

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In This Episode

  • Understanding the freeze defense mechanism in situations of betrayal 
  • How to learn how to be vulnerable again despite the fear of betrayal 
  • Exploring the importance of presence and emotional intelligence 
  • Learn how to trust yourself again through validating your experience
  • Why facing your challenges head-on is the only way to true healing and acceptance



“The communication that I received was that ‘you are dirty, and you need to get clean’. And that was the way that I was sort of lured into compliance.” (7:52)

“I didn’t want anyone to know what my truth was because I felt like it had been prematurely taken away from me against my will.” (11:08)

“I was the one handling everyone else’s needs, and I never ever even questioned what my own needs were, it was not a conversation that happened inside of my head.” (14:34)

“The body is a tangible experience of what is happening intangibly inside of ourselves, and when we are healing our heart it hurts. The only way out is through. You have to feel it.” (21:52)

“My coach, at the time, was somebody who I was initially disgusted by. And I think it is because she represented and embodied everything that I thought I couldn’t have.” (24:46)

“You can’t trust other people to not betray you if you don’t trust yourself.” (30:05)



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