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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Dec 30, 2019

After being betrayed by what felt like 1,000 cuts, Rachell Kitchen was able to pick herself up and continue fighting. A survivor of extreme violence, divorce, drastic family health issues and even the murder of her father, Rachell is here to share her personal experience in the hopes of empowering you to move your life from chaos to clarity. 

Now a speaker, author, life and transition coach as well as the CEO of Level Up 4 Life Coaching, Rachell knows a thing or two about perseverance and the ability to bounce back. Today Rachell is an open book explaining how her series of betrayals showed her the importance of asking for help and avoiding destructive thoughts. 

Betrayals or large life transitions can often feel like too much to handle, and it is only by embracing some of the techniques Rachell learned at rock bottom that you can understand the cycle of change and dedicate yourself to showing up in that process. 

A beautiful example of healing past post betrayal syndrome and an advocate for never allowing yourself to be victimized, Rachell is here to help you flip that switch and start healing from your traumas. Are you ready to embrace a new recipe for healing and fight your way through the dark side? Share what you loved most about Rachells story in the comments on the episode page


In This Episode

  • Learn how trauma can mess up your hormones and wreak physical and emotional havoc
  • Why you should get comfortable asking for help and knowing your worth
  • Signs that you are on the right healing path by finding joy amidst the chaos
  • Understanding the ripple effect of betrayal and how to focus on the positive lessons
  • Explore the forgiveness process while honoring the power of self-love



“It just really did feel like a series of betrayals by a thousand cuts, it was coming at me from every angle, and I really just felt victimized.” (3:00)

“You may not like what is happening right now at this moment, but look how rich your life is, look how abundant you do have it.” (12:02)

“You can decide how you like to show up for the day, in that situation, versus acting out and acting in a way that would not honor your values and how you would like to show up.” (16:58)

“My gift that God put me here to do is to share my capacity to love. And how do I do that? By what I do best, helping other women find theirs.” (20:59)

“You do not have to be a victim to your circumstances, you do not have to undervalue the power that you have within, and give the power to the obstacle.” (27:48)



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