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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Jul 23, 2020

Post-Betrayal Syndrome is A collection of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms common to betrayal. One common connection I see all the time is this; the link between anger and your health.


In This Episode

  • Learn the physical, mental and emotional symptoms that are so common to betrayal
  • Discover how anger can impact your health
  • How can one rebuild the self - coming back from abandonment, rejection, confidence worthiness, trust


“Experiencing betrayal absolutely can leave you with PTSD triggers.” [6:07]


“So what I see is so often, it's like we're playing this game of whack-a-mole, you know, where we just were trying to tamp down one symptom or one emotion and then another one comes up.” [11:38]


“Nothing is left untouched with a betrayal. And it needs to be acknowledged, it needs to be validated.” [14:35]


“People are acting from their current level of consciousness.” [16:53]


“I'm worth so much more than this. I deserve to feel better. I deserve to look better. I deserve to live better.” [17:22]


“Staying stuck truly is a choice.” [21:28]


“When you can heal from something as devastating as betrayal, there are no limits.” [22:14]



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