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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Feb 8, 2021

Tanya Marie Dubé is a life coach and motivational speaker with 28 years of experience and a solid background in human behavior psychology. She is a show host, motivational speaker, published author, and online educator with a passion for helping people ever since she was young. She is the founder of Mighty Influence Mastery where she discusses how women entrepreneurs can build their business through deep and influential relationships with their audiences. She has a powerful podcast for women entrepreneurs called “What It Takes”.

About Guest/Topic

If there was a competition for the most resilient character of this generation, Tanya would make a good contender in that arena. Born into the foster care system, Tanya has been in eight homes before the age of two, homeless for six years starting the age of 12, had a pedophile for a stepdad, and was badly beaten at home before she decided to run away. With $18 in her pocket and all odds against her, Tanya continued to trudge forward and ultimately came out the other end triumphant. 

Not without struggle, Tanya eventually came to terms with the people in her past and the betrayals that have transpired throughout her life. But what is truly admirable in her journey is her eagerness and dedication to make it through despite her circumstances and her willingness to help others do the same. 

In this episode, she talks about her abusive past, her unrelenting hope for the future, and how she used both to shift her course towards success. 

In This Episode

  • How is spirituality helpful in your journey to self-healing?
  • What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?
  • Learn the value of gratitude, forgiveness, and faith 


“Isn't the way to really learn something is by teaching it?” [06:23]

“This is the way your life is. You have two choices, you can either understand it and use it and grow from it or you can be slammed by it.” [07:20]

“The only way we can grow is if we go through something.” [13:50]

“When I would wake up in the morning, my very first thought was: Okay, I get to do this again. I was so grateful to open my eyes and get to do it. So that's something I carried through into my life now. That level of gratitude really puts a microscope (??) on what's good and what’s positive.” [16:05]

“When something feels heavy and it feels like it’s starting to implode I have to take a look and see what it is I’m trying to control.” [18:05]

“As a soul in this human body going through this very human experience you have to remember that your calling in experience is based on where your perspective lies.” [29:08]

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