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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Apr 5, 2021

For a lot of people, the flaws they see in themselves are magnified and much more apparent than the flaws they see in others. These people obsess about all the negatives, no matter how small or big, that they see in themselves. How come?

Why is it easier to give love, kindness, respect, and care to other people but incredibly challenging to give it to yourself? 

Certified health coach Kirsi Bhasin debunks the myths about self-care and explains what self-care really is and how you can practice it easily.

About Guest/Topic

Kirsi Bhasin is a former corporate employee who became a certified health coach after collapsing from exhaustion. She describes this experience as a wake-up call that made her realize that what she was doing to herself wasn’t working. From there, she decided to work on taking better care of herself. 

Kirsi is the author of ‘Recharge: Find Joy, Boost Your Energy, Take Charge of Your Health’. She is also a health expert and a member of Dr. Oz's Sharecare community of top-ranking health experts. She was invited to become a contributor to HuffPost and Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington herself. 

She partners with a variety of organizations, from small startups to Fortune 100 companies like AIG and IBM, teaching their employees about self-care.

In this episode, Kirsi shares the story of why she was driven to succeed, what caused it, and what she did to change her life. She also discusses ways to love oneself deeply. 

In This Episode

  • Understand how you can show yourself that you matter and you need self-care
  • Discover the true definition of slowing down
  • Learn ways to show yourself love, respect, and kindness
  • Find out the importance of cultivating patience 
  • Acknowledge that self-care is a challenging journey, and everyone's path is different. 


“[Self-care] is not just about pampering yourself and indulging in what you think is good for you.” [03:38]

“We try to cram in so much into our day, and just the beauty of it and the satisfaction of doing deep self-care is knowing that you can pull back sometimes and just be.” [07:03]

“Even a minute of being and taking that break, taking a pause and taking a nice deep breath and being with yourself. You don't have to validate yourself. You don't have to do anything. You are beautiful and perfect the way you are.” [09:24]

“Everyone's journey is going to be different. Mine is still an ongoing journey. This never ends, in my opinion.” [13:10] 

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From Betrayal to Breakthrough