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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Nov 4, 2019

Sheila Sutherland woke up one day to find that her brain and body had betrayed her, unable to form full sentences and left with pain everywhere except her face and hair. The medical community had a lack of answers and an overindulgence of antibiotics which lead Sheila to venture out on her own and find healing on her own terms.

With over 20 years of experience in the science and education fields, Shiela used her knowledge and the power of holistic medicine to heal her myalgic encephalomyelitis and find peace in the betrayal of her body. 

By making meaning out of your trauma and finding what works best for your own healing journey, Sheila is proof of the power of managing your behavior and responses to increase success in both your personal and professional lives. Through meditation, gut healing, kickboxing, nature and more, Sheila is here to provide tangible ways to help you live your life with the utmost happiness. 

If you are looking for tools on how to overcome a bodily betrayal or master this thing that we call life, Sheila is the guru you need to help you pay attention to your body and your mind to take back control of your body and your life. 

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In This Episode

  • Exploring the individual experience of PTSD and how it affects each person individually
  • Tools to help manage your stress and anger through healthy emotional outlets
  • The power of meditation when healing chronic pain and emotional trauma
  • Ways that you can heal your gut and microbiome from the inside out 
  • How to reconnect with your body through meditation, nature, and self-care



“As great as it was that they could put a name on it, the problem was that because it was so rarely diagnosed and not really studied, there was no medical protocol.” (7:34)

“I had a rather strong conversation with my doctor and said, ‘I need to figure this out on my own’. Because unfortunately the traditional medical community doesn’t really have anything for me for this, and I need to try something else because this isn’t working.” (9:29)

“Meditation, like anything, is a practice. You have to do it on a consistent, regular basis. And in doing that my mind finally went, oh, so we can rest a little bit. And it started learning that there was another way to do it.” (16:40)

“Eventually it was, ‘I have to let this go.’ And it took time, it is not an easy, overnight process, but I had to get to the point of ‘I can’t keep holding onto this.’” (24:48)



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